Immigration medical insurance

Health Insurance for Cyprus Immigration 

All foreigners (employees, visitors, and students) wishing to reside in Cyprus are obliged by law to have Health Insurance. Such insurance is a prerequisite for the necessary registration (work or visitors permit visa) with the Immigration Authorities in Cyprus.  SoEasy Insurance offers online medical insurance plan which is suitable for Cyprus Immigration as it satisfies all the requirements of the relevant Cyprus immigration law.

This kind of insurance is for Cyprus based employers who intend to hire non-EU citizens or for non-EU International students and visitors. In fact, both Health and Employer’s Liability Insurance are compulsory by Law and constitute a prerequisite for the registration of this category of citizens with the Immigration Authorities.

Non-EU citizens intending to work or stay in Cyprus as Housemaids (Domestic Helpers), Visitors, Farmers or any Agricultural workers or any other occupation as well as all University and College students in Cyprus.