Employer Liability Insurance

Employer liability insurance covers the employer’s liability in case of an accident or occupational disease in any of his employees, as required by the Compulsory Employee Liability Insurance Laws 1989 to 2001. From the Employer’s Liability Insurance let us underline the word liability, because many people confuse Employers Liability Insurance, with health insurance or accidents that compensate the insured without proof of anybody’s liability. Liability Insurance means that the claimant must prove that the insured has liability for the damage he has suffered, to be compensated.

Our suggestion is to always pair employers liability insurance with personal accident insurance so in case that the employer has no fault, which means that the employee will be compensated from employer’s liability insurance, at least to be able to collect from the personal accident insurance.

Obligatory Limits of cover

The following are the minimum Limits as specified by Cyprus Law:

  1. Single Employee Limit per accident: €160.000
    Limit of Indemnity per incident: €3.417.203
    Aggregate Limit of Indemnity per period of insurance: € 5.125.804